Off the Wall

Wallpaper makes a big comeback with a new generation of designs

By Kaleigh Lawson

Gone are the days when your grandmother’s faded, tacky wallpaper was a nightmare rather than a distant happy memory. Wallpaper is making a giant leap back into homes with classy, bold and even traditional designs including trendy styles like geometric prints and bohemian chic. If you’re not ready for a room full of patterns and prints, start small with an accent wall to add some visual interest into your space.

“There is a lot of technology over the years, coming into play,” comments Paula Berberian, Creative Director at Brewster Home Fashions. Technology allows the designer to take the design to the “next level” unlike the days of woodblock printing.

Even small spaces like powder rooms can benefit from having large, bold patterns draped on the walls creating the illusion of more space. How long this wall trend will stick around remains to be seen. Until then, add a punch of “wow” to your walls.



Bolder Boundaries                                                                                   

For the bold at heart, consider a bigger leap into flashy, whimsical wallpaper designs with Flavor Paper. Transform your walls into a work of art with patterns, colors and designs that are far from typical. From funky and fun to floral, traditional and geometric—choose your flavor!