Rural Refresh

By Alyson Daughtery and Heather Shoning
Photos by Jason Jung/Estetico

Interior Designer at Robyn Scott Interiors, Ltd., Robyn Scott, crafted a fresh take on a traditional, country style house for her personal residence. Reclaimed wood, corrugated metal and rustic red lend to the agrarian feel, while sleek lines and modern materials give this home an updated look. Situated among picturesque peaks surrounding Basalt, the wraparound porch contributes to the small-town atmosphere and uncomplicated mountain lifestyle. Yet, inside, the home has a stylish, loft-like vibe. While the home’s exterior is country inspired, the interior is all about sleek lines and pops of red. An open floor plan allows you to peek into the stainless steel kitchen.

Above: The Colorado mountain lifestyle calls for outdoor living spaces. A patio outfitted with red flagstone and comfortable lawn chairs gives Scott and her family the perfect outdoor dining area for warm summer evenings.

Right: With the warm, natural texture of the stone fireplace demanding attention, the bright red dining chairs are the perfect pieces to balance out this large, open space. The neutral tones and clean-lined furnishings allow these two elements to make a strong impression. High ceilings and the loft create a city-living feel.

Below: Cool concrete floors and crisp, modern furnishings contrast with the richly textured stone fireplace. Plenty of large windows invite striking mountain views inside.

Upstairs the color palette changes just slightly from grays and blacks to warm browns and tans. There are no reds or rough textures competing for your attention; Rather it is filled with soft blankets and woven shades. “I believe that the bedroom should be warm and inviting,” says Scott.

Below: The powder room has a different design than the two guest bathrooms. However, they share one design feature: a floating vanity. A floor-length mirror with embedded lights and sleek fixtures sits in contrast with floor-to-ceiling stonework.

Interior Design: Robyn Scott Interiors, LTD., Basalt
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