C Lazy U Ranch’s Wine Cellar is a Special Vintage

Recycled materials turn a closet at C Lazy U Ranch into a one-of-a-kind wine cellar.


Re-use, Refresh This wine cellar in a C Lazy U Ranch house was built out of remnant materials found on site. Courtesy Terra Firma Custom Homes

It took three things—blind faith, a treasure trove of leftover materials and a pair of skilled father-son carpenters—to turn an empty basement space in a new C Lazy U Ranch home into a stunning wine cellar.

When it came time to figure out what to do with the space, says Brad Smith of Terra Firma Custom Homes in Winter Park, “I told the homeowners, ‘We’ve got a whole bunch of cool materials already on site here, and we have a couple of superstar craftsmen carpenters. Why don’t you just let us create something and see what you think?’” Amazingly, the homeowners told the Terra Firma team to go for it.

The Terra Firma carpenters went around the job site and found the most unique remnant materials, including log skins from British Columbia that were hand hewn in the pre-sawmill days. They also used reclaimed barn wood siding on the side walls, created metal towel hooks and ladder hangers out of repurposed railroad spikes, and added a ladder found at a salvage shop in Fort Collins.

And because there are no heat tubes in the concrete flooring, the room maintains a perfect 54-degree temperature. Time to drink up!