Red-Letter Kitchen

By Jane Craig

The owners of this futuristic space wanted to make a statement—and Kabi helped them do it

Photo by Robert Kitilla

If each kitchen has a personality, this one would definitely not be the shy and retiring type. It’s more like “look at me!”

The eye-popping focus is a large, two-tiered central island, custom-made in UV-coated, high-gloss Corsa red acrylic by Kabi, a Stapleton-area company that specializes in frameless European-style cabinetry. “At first, the red was pretty scary because we didn’t want it to look like a giant tool box, you know?” says Nima Sabri, who owns the 5,500-square-foot, two-story “luxury/modern” Evergreen home with his uncle, Ross Taghavi. “But we knew it would give the space a little bit of character.”

Topped with extra-thick slabs of granite, the island is embedded with a sleek Thermador induction cooktop and surrounded by space age-looking stools custom-made by Denver’s Oios Metals.


Photo by Robert Kitilla

The surrounding wall cabinets are constructed of a metallic silver high-gloss acrylic, with minimal hardware (just a touch of bling in the cabinet pulls) and open cabinetry at the top to show off favorite decorative pieces. Kabi’s proprietary bifold construction allows users to simply touch the front of the cabinets to get them to lift up and open, and touch them again for closing. They complement the shiny, gray, large-format porcelain floor tiles, which come from Emser Tile in Aurora, and the sleek black appliances (microwave, oven and dishwasher), all from Miele.


Photo by Robert Kitilla

The kitchen is as intelligent as the rest of the home, Sabri says. “It’s a smart house. Everything—the sound system, the blinds, the lights, everything— is linked to a central hub and can be controlled by a phone.”

But more important, he adds, the kitchen is welcoming. “It’s a great space for a party. People really like to get together here because the space is modern but it’s also clean and not too large. It’s just fun. And you can’t go wrong with the mountain view.”