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A dingy laundry room becomes the beautiful but functional hub of a Pinery home

Courtesy Kitchen Traditions

Robin and Sean O’Brien weren’t expecting to move from their dream home in Kentucky. So when they relocated for a job opportunity to Parker, they were determined to make their decade-old home at Timbers at the Pinery even better than their dreams. One of the first items on the to-do list: the laundry room.

“This room actually used to be part of the garage,” says Marianne Wise, co-owner of Timber Ridge Properties, who helped design the space. “All they had was a washer and dryer space.”

Now, the 245-square-foot room is the home’s utility infielder: It has two washers and two dryers (with a son and three daughters, “they really needed a second set,” Wise says), double trash bins, a broom closet, loads of custom cabinetry from Kitchen Traditions, a large island, open lockers and cubbies for each of the kids, an extra fridge, a laptop/ work area and a Blanco laundry sink from Dahl Distinctive Design.

“The whole laundry room was designed to enhance the operation of the kitchen and family lifestyle,” Wise explains. “We did have some fun with other rooms in the house as well, but the show is all in that laundry room.”

It’s the multi-functional space Robin has always wanted. “It’s my favorite room in the house,” she says. “I love having the double washer and dryer and all that counter space. I no longer have laundry piling up all the time and I’m able to get it done pretty quickly and easily. And I love the cubbies—now my kids have somewhere to put their stuff and there’s nothing on the floor.”

With the room storing a range of items (gift-wrapping tools, arts-and-crafts materials, cleaning supplies and dog food for their three pooches), it’s no wonder this is the family’s regular hang-out spot.

“My two youngest girls frequently sit at the counter and color or make cards while they’re watching TV. I’ll sew in there; sometimes my husband works in there,” Robin says. “Even my oldest daughter, who is going to Colorado State University, will come home with laundry and crank it out with the double set.” The space can even serve as a second kitchen if they need it.

Robin’s favorite design element: the buttercream maple cabinets lining the work area wall. They were a “splurge” item: “The rest of the cabinets in the house and kitchen are really dark wood. I wanted something light and antique-looking.” You can see inspiration from the rest of the home in the alder wood cabinetry, Urban Lights chandelier, metallic hardware from Kitchen Traditions, granite countertops and Decorative Materials tile.

From design to functionality, the room has become a favorite space, even with guests. “Every time people come through our home, their reaction is ‘Oh, my gosh!’ ” Robin adds. “My friends can’t wait to hang out in it.”