Play Time

With icy temps outdoors, kids need a cozy place inside to stretch their imaginations.


1. All Hands on Deck
This colorful rug embraces what it means to be a child with an artful spirit of wild abandon.



2. Go for a Ride
Rosemeyer’s heirloom-quality, wooden ride-on toys are handcrafted by German artisans from locally harvested wood. The soft curves mean they are safe, and the lack of bells and whistles sparks a child’s imagination. There’s a turtle, a bunny and a lizard, but we’re partial to the happy camel.

Oak, $195; birch, $181


3. So Very Gehry
Ideal for the budding designer, one (or more) of Frank Gehry’s brightly colored cubes will bring a touch of the Bilbao Guggenheim into your kid’s room.

Room & Board
222 Detroit St.


4. Think Inside the Box
A toy box doesn’t have to clash with the décor —all it really has to do is hold the toys, and this one does so in high style and a cool shade of blue with walnut accents.

The Land of Nod Park Meadows
Crate & Barrel Park Meadows, Lone Tree


5. Top-Notch Teepee
Turn your basement into the Wild West of the 1800s with a fun cotton teepee, sure to launch endless adventures.

American, $229
Great Plains, $225
Wildflower, $219


6. Wheelie, Wheelie Fun
This adorable wall caddy can hold treasured items as well as oft-used gadgets.



7. Dino Might
What room is not enhanced by the addition of more dinosaurs? This fun felt garland features appropriately toothy (but not so scary) T-Rexes.

The Land of Nod Park Meadows
Crate & Barrel
8505 Park Meadows Center Drive,
Lone Tree


8. Just Our Size
Coloring, drawing and puzzles all need a proper table, and this pint-sized set can take tykes from preschool all the way up through grade-school homework.

Table and two chairs, $287
The Land of Nod Park Meadows
Crate & Barrel
Park Meadows, Lone Tree