Fun & Games

Who says games have to be packed up and hidden away once a party night is over? When they’re crafted with an eye for detail, they become works of art.


1. Knight After Knight
Shades of “The Thomas Crown Affair?” Seventies glamor is on full display with this bright chess set of chunky, angular neon Lucite.

Jonathan Adler
158 Fillmore St.


2. Let the Chips Fall
Embrace English pub style with this stylish game table by RH; the wood top and pedestal were once part of a 100-year-old British building.

RH Denver
The Gallery at Cherry Creek
Cherry Creek Shopping Center


3. X or O?
Formed from Italian gypsum alabaster, this version of the ancient game of tic-tac-toe connects to its roots with a historic sculptural material.



4. Net Gain
Your parents’ ping-pong table just got a serious upgrade: Nuevo’s version is made of reclaimed hardwoods and cast-iron accents.

D’Amore Interiors
475 S. Broadway


5. Feeling Blue
Backgammon may be one of the oldest board games still played today, but these show-stopping acrylic pieces by Plexi-Craft deftly bring it into the 21st century.



6. Palace Intrigue
The elegant and beautiful Lanterns: The Harvest Festival takes players to Imperial China to decorate the palace—beware its deceptive simplicity.



7. Board Stiff
X’s and O’s are elevated to a whole new level with this made-to-order tic-tac-toe set by Chris Earl, handcrafted of fine walnut and solid brass.



8. Stag Party
Tackle big game from the comfort of your own living room with this stacking game; the first person to get all 30 extra antlers on the deer wins.