DIY Coffee Cart

Coffee shops are everywhere, but sometimes you just want to brew your own perfect latte at home. Here’s everything you need to put together your own coffee cart—just add the brew!


1 Hang ’em High
Why take up precious cart space when coffee mugs come with those handy handles? This arced wall hanger from O’Floinn Decor is made of wine barrel staves.



2 Coffee Meets Cake
Having plates conveniently located drastically shortens the cut-to-first-bite time frame.

Autumn Foliage plates, set of four, $36.95
Crate and Barrel
101 Clayton Lane
Park Meadows, Lone Tree


3 A Keurig for What Ails You
Purists may disagree, but it’s hard to argue with the incredible convenience of a Keurig—and the wide array of flavors makes it easy to cater to a wide-ranging crowd.

Keurig K250, $130


4 Shake It Up
Add a little love to your coffee with cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa or vanilla-flavored sugar.



5 Cart Blanche
Repurpose a bar cart to a coffee server. (Wheels optional, but look for a combination of shelves and drawers to meet your needs.)

Chamberlin Kitchen Cart, $388


6 Create a Stir
Coffee spoons with antique silhouettes and a sleek finish make their own modest statement.

Set of four, $16.95
Crate and Barrel


7 Ooh-La-La
Using a French press keeps coffee’s natural oils from being absorbed by a filter, preserving the deep, dark flavor. These ceramic presses from Yield are handsome enough to display and will keep your drink warm longer than glass.

Ceramic, 850 ml, $120; 1.5 liter, $150
Lore, 2952 Welton St., 720.242.9351


8 Drip, Drop
Both sleek and retro, the Chemex drip system is a classic, not having changed since 1941, and ideal for maintaining balanced flavor notes in your brew.

RH Denver The Gallery at Cherry Creek,
Cherry Creek Shopping Center, 303.331.1938


9 What a Grind
The Baratza Virtuoso has 40 fine to coarse settings, so your espresso or French press grind will be uniformly perfect.

$229 for dealers


10 Big Things, Small Packages
This cute cream and sugar set reminds you that a great cup of coffee is a small gift to yourself.

Golden Bow cream and sugar set, $45