Throw Pillows

Fashion is not the only arena in which matchy-matchy can cross over into visually unappealing territory. Yes, a room’s paint, furniture and decor should coordinate, but a little variety is always welcome, and an easy way to do so is by using throw pillows. As the name indicates, they can literally be tossed anywhere for a pop of color, and expression of emotion or just for fun. Few items of such small stature have such a dramatic effect.



1. MITCHELL GOLD + BOB WILLIAMS  Everything we love about our state can be found on this stylish pillow, reminiscent of 1930s souvenir postcards. Colorado, $250, at Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, Cherry Creek Shopping Center, 720.214.8060,





2. SHARP SHIRTER  Few woodland creatures are more charming and funny than hedgehogs. 20 Hedgehogs, five sizes from $33,









3. ARCADIA PARK DESIGNS  The breathtaking romance of Canova’s “Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss” in a silk, limited-edition pillow. ArcadiaPark Designs Psyche’s Dream, $255,





4. JAYSON HOME  This pattern is suggestive of the watercolor endpapers found in leather-bound books among the dusty libraries of old country estates. Endpaper, $250,







5.  KRISS LECOCQ  The holidays meet minimalist style. Kriss Lecocq White Line Naughty and Nice, $48 each,