Mix It Up

Playing with patterns, mixing materials and pops of color are topping this year’s tile trends.

By Rose Maxwell

This year’s tile styles are showing up in all different shapes, sizes and materials…and blue is the new neutral. “Rooms with a neutral color scheme are timeless and elegant, and in a permanent tile installation many people feel safer picking something that feels familiar to them. However, I must admit that after seeing so many neutral spaces, it is refreshing that this year we have seen more people willing to use tile to add pops of color to their homes,” says Kate Sterling, tile expert and head of marketing and design at AKDO, a tile brand known for their luxury stones, tiles, mosaics and custom designs. “While color may feel risky to some, there are many colors such as blues and greens that can act as neutrals, because we are used to seeing them everywhere in nature and therefore they don’t shock the eye. 

But color isn’t the only thing shaking up the tile world—texture and the use of mixed materials are also hot. “Texture is a huge trend in the tile world right now, because monotone surfaces with subtle details create a sophisticated and refined look,” says Sterling. “I am seeing an emergence of tile lines that come in a blend of different textures and patterns, which is great because from afar you see a field of color, but up close each tile is special,” she explains, adding that metal accents remain a strong trend when incorporated into designs as delicate accents.

While the trend in mixing materials in mosaics, such as glass and stone remains popular for bath and kitchen applications, a mix of other materials such as ceramic, wood and metals is another booming trend this year. Porcelanosa, a tile, kitchen, bath and hardwood specialist specializing in large size wall tiles, exhibits this trend through its Barcelona Collection—hydraulic tiles for walls and floors featuring geometric sequences. And in addition to new shapes including hexagons and arabesque; larger size tiles as well as 3D wall tiles are definitely popular this year says Vicki Peterson, design specialist at CAPCO Tile & Stone. “Another up and coming trend, that is all over Europe right now, is 2cm porcelain pavers,” says Peterson.


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