Sexton Lawton Architecture

Matthew Lawton & Sarah Sexton.

By Jeremy Martinez

In high school, Matthew Lawton had to decide what career choice to include in his yearbook. Lawton chose what he enjoyed most—drawing and building things—so architecture was his selection.

Today, Sexton Lawton Architecture is an award-winning, full-service architecture and design firm located in Denver. Sarah Sexton and Lawton combined practices in 2007, and have been creating residential and commercial design projects since. “Our projects are 70 percent residential and 30 percent other,” says Lawton. The pair does not prefer one type or the other; instead they embrace the challenge of having a variety of projects. “We like variety; it keeps us on our toes,” he says.

Both Sexton’s and Lawton’s experience is derived from a diverse background of residential, civic, religious and historic renovation projects. “Sarah is highly experienced in residential properties and understands the ins and outs of Denver’s historic renovation guidelines,” Lawton says. She has completed multiple projects in the historic, trendy Highlands neighborhood and the up-and-coming Sunnyside neighborhood.

Complementary business partners, Sexton and Lawton have established an ability to recognize each other’s strengths and use them to create innovative designs for their clients. In her residential work, Sexton is great at blending old and new and creating places that are ideal for a modern lifestyle, while Lawton manages the multi-family and commercial projects for the firm.

“When designing a building, there are constant pressures. It’s easy to let these factors turn the design process into a serious endeavor,” says Lawton. “We strive to maintain a sense of levity and good humor, find inspiration in our clients and the environment around us, and keep an eye on architecture’s highest function: to inspire and move us.”

Sexton Lawton Architecture

2280 Grape St., Denver