Lanthia Hogg Designs

Lanthia Hogg.

By Jeremy Martinez

Interior designer Lanthia Hogg is refined and in control. These qualities are expressed in her lavish yet simple designs.

According to Hogg, her designs are not only exhilarating for her personally, but most importantly, also for her clients. “I want control,” says Hogg. “I want to get into my clients’ heads. I’ve worked with many personalities and it is always my goal to see my clients happy.” Establishing a connection with her clients is critical to Hogg. “Since I’m spending a year or two with them, there needs to be that connection.” Hogg’s approach for each of her projects is defined by collaboration, a fresh perspective and an inherent respect for exceptional design.

Hogg finds inspiration in the things surrounding her, whether it is a black and white image or her previous work in fashion.

One of her favorite projects is one she recently completed in Basalt. “The home is filled with large windows that let in natural light,” she says. “I’m known for paying attention to lighting. It can make such a big difference in design.” This stems from her appreciation of photography. “I’m not a photographer,” says Hogg, “but I always take photos of my projects to see what the camera sees. I like the drama of it.”

Hogg exhibits a vast cultural design ability and it is what sets her apart, according to Hogg. Her designs have garnered a string of awards, including numerous ASID Crystal Awards.

Nestled in the little town of Carbondale, Lanthia Hogg Designs is moving full speed ahead not only in Colorado, but also in Philadelphia, New York, Dallas and beyond.

In the remodel of a 70’s style, three-bedroom home, Hogg opened up the space by adding floor-to- ceiling windows and rearranging the interior space to create a contemporary mountain home with four bedrooms.

The living room is an open-concept space featuring a custom fireplace and television wall, white oak flooring, lighting from Circa and custom furniture. The black-and-white theme accented with splashes of green combines with textures, metals and wood for a welcoming, interesting space.

The kitchen continues the open space concept and white oak flooring. The custom bar stools surround an island-mounted table, which overlays the granite countertop.

The master bathroom features a floating vanity with custom cabinetry, double sinks, custom mirrors and cylinder light sconces from Circa.

Lanthia Hogg Designs