Eclectic Balance


THE ENTRYWAY in Rich and Denise Nelsen’s Highlands Ranch home is not just grand; it inspires the imagination with its two-story reach, capped by a coffered, icy metallic ceiling. Luna Bella chandeliers and high windows illuminate the entryway, welcoming guests with fresh, shimmering light, while denim blue Maxwell Fabric curtains flow down long windows.

It isn’t the type of setting either homeowner grew up with in the Midwest, but they’ve become world travelers since then, so the couple desired a home that reflected a Midwest feeling as well as a French chalet look with a modern twist.

“Denise, a Midwesterner, was not used to living in such a giant setting, [so] using colossal bolts of drapery created a softness and intimate setting amidst a two-story entry and main living area,” says interior designer, Stacy Ewing, of Stacy Ewing Interiors & Design.

The Nelsens turned to Rich’s family dairy farm for inspiration in the formal dining room. A portrait of the farm hangs above the buffet, while a medieval-style wine cabinet fills a recessed nook.

The cabinet is just a hint of how much the Nelsens love fine wines. In the basement, they built a stone grotto. Ewing imported old wine barrels from Tuscany and used the internal side of the wood, stained by wine, for flooring and ceilings. Lighting inspiration came from a Catholic church in Paris; hand-blown Luna Bella crystal chandeliers with iron hooping help create an experience of looking up “into” a wine barrel. A curved bar beckons guests to sit and enjoy the wines, which surround them on both sides.

Upstairs, Ewing fully realized the Nelsen’s vision of a modern French chalet feel. The master bedroom’s lounge features a velvet settee, while the curtains and bedding incorporate Denise’s love of modern, geometric designs.

From the entryway to the smallest details upstairs, the Nelsen home strikes a di”ffcult balance to achieve, integrating the coziness of French chalets and Midwestern homes, while remaining modern overall.


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