Don Goerig

By Jeremy Martinez

AT THE EARLY AGE of 11, architect Don Goerig was drawing cathedrals for his grandmother. “I used to draw them for fun,” he says. Today, Goerig is designing some of the most unique homes in Denver’s hippest neighborhoods. His architectural style is simple and elegant. Goerig deeply admires mid-century modern design and incorporates these style principles to create his own personal touches in his projects. “I always want to design something cool,” Goerig says.

With more than 20 years’ experience as an architect, Goerig is now in his sixth year managing his own boutique-style architecture studio, Goerig Design. He specializes in designs for custom homes, high-end resorts and commercial properties, with services including all aspects of construction management, consulting and design. Goerig considers himself 70 percent architect and 30 percent designer.

“I’m very hands-on with my clients,” Goerig says. “The design aspect is my favorite part of working with clients.” Each project presents a new challenge; one that he gladly accepts. These challenges enable him to stretch and exercise his design capabilities. “I enjoy that my clients are living in something I created,” Goerig says.

His passion for architecture, design and establishing personal relationships with his clients continues to fuel his success. “Being an architect is it for me,” Goerig says. “This is what I’m good at.”

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