Barbara Bork

By Jeremy Martinez

BOULDER-BASED interior designer, Barbara Bork, is in her 15th year designing homes and commercial properties. She is also proprietress of Lola Gray Home Collections, an establishment providing personal interior design services and traditional retail pieces.

“It’s an emotional balancing act,” Bork says as she reflects on her design projects with clients. “I am not limited to one style; I have an ability to do any style.” Whether it’s eclectic, French-inspired or integrating a family, Bork describes her style as mixing old with new, and she adores color. “I’m not afraid at all of doing chartreuse greens, pinks, oranges and reds, and mixing them in a way that is harmonious and not overwhelming,” she says.

Bork’s ideal design situation is when clients give her full reign to design a room or entire space. However, she also enjoys the collaboration between designer and client. “People hire me to expand their creative box,” Bork says. She melds her clients’ needs and desires into creative designs to make them happy in their homes.

“I want my clients to walk in their home and smile,” Bork says. “It’s like marriage counseling. Usually the husband and wife do not see eye to eye, and it is my job to make it work.”

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