Wine & Design

By Julie Bielenberg

SOPHISTICATED CONSUMER PALATES and a high demand for worldly wines drive the desire for luxurious spaces to enjoy and share a connoisseur’s passion. Deluxe wine cellars and tasting rooms are commonplace in Denver luxury homes.

Charles Malek, owner of VintageView, a Denver-based company that sells wine storage products worldwide, is a third generation wine man. “My dad and grandfather were in the business, so I moved into it serendipitously. It seemed like an interesting business and I never left,” says Malek. “Now most upscale homes have some type of wine storage. Wine is being incorporated in a variety of unique ways at home, and I’m thrilled to be a part it.” 

Brian Worker, owner of Red Leaf Solutions, designs and builds custom wine rooms as well. Recent projects include numerous high-end cellars in the metro area, as well as
the†cellar at the newly †remodeled†Cherry Creek Country Club lounge.†“Whether it is a residential or commercial design, wine is becoming art. A lot of people are getting into wine and more importantly, the location of their wine in their space,” says Worker. “They want to enjoy the wine and show o‰bottles they might have gotten from travels. Beautiful racking and a genuine feature that serves a purpose is becoming very

Both wine and design have evolved during the two-plus decades since Colleen Johnson and Judy Gubner formed In-Site Design Group. “Our clients’ tastes are increasingly international in the wines they drink and the ways they want to display their collections,” Gubner says. “Inspired by travels to wine-oriented countries like Italy, some clients want an Old World wine cellar with elegant finishes and a traditional tasting room.†Other clients are more inspired by cuisine, so they want to store wine where it is more accessible to the dining room and integrates with a contemporary interior.”


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