Trending in 2013

Enchanting colors, such as emerald and  violet, are making a scene in interior design this year. New color palettes will emerge from these colors, matched with the popular grays, golden yellows and blues we saw last fall. Homeowners are looking for ways to create more custom looks and mixing design styles is how it’s accomplished. New ideas about modern and traditional design blend these styles. Design products and furnishings will reflect this convergence of style. See how some local designers have captured these trends in their own designs.

Ab0ve: Colorful pillows in bold, modern prints paired with quatrefoil designs on the rug, mirrors and side tables give this room a lavish mix of materials. The overall aesthetic: a clean, modern take on multiple period styles.

Left: For a subtle hint of nostalgia, this contemporary kitchen is topped with a simple version of a classic crown molding.

Clean, Modern with a Touch of Traditional
Transitional design is the melding point between one style and another. A great way to capture a love of modern and longing for traditional is by mixing the two.

Creative Lighting
Layered lighting is used to create an aura, highlighting particular features and offer proper lighting sources for tasks that take place in the room. Creative overhead lighting is a great way to amp up the ambiance. In this example, hidden up-lighting highlights the beams in the ceiling while adding a soft, ambient light to the entire room.

Unique Finishes
Today’s looks are all about custom, and a great way to achieve a custom look is with unique finishes.

Right: This powder bath packs a lot of punch into a small space. Mother of pearl wallpaper adds glitz and texture, and the custom decorative-finish vanity top is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Clear it Up
Create the illusion of space in a cozy corner by using clear, acrylic furnishings.

Left: This transparent coffee table creates a semblance of more open floor space making this reading nook feel spacious.

Luxury Eat-In
As the downsizing trend continues, formal dining rooms are making their exit. That doesn’t mean sacrificing a beautiful place to eat. Instead it means a new blend of luxury and comfort becoming commonplace in eat-in kitchens.

Right: This eat-in area includes bench seating. The luxurious fabrics and accompanying leather chairs maintain the lavish look and complement the adjoining kitchen.

Bathing Beauty
Posh soaking spaces with luxurious finishes continue to be on-trend. Expect to see clean lines mixed with traditional materials.

Below: This contemporary tub and sleek tub filler look right at home with the classic marble flooring and crystal chandelier.

Emerald, Pantone’s  Color of the Year
Emerald green is popping up across the design spectrum on everything from sofas and accessories to bedding and wallpaper.

Creative Colors
The variety of colors in fashion is breathtaking. Expect to see some color trends continuing from last year while mixing it up with new hues for 2013.

Below: This creative mix of colors produces a lavish, warm look. The grain and vivid color of the wood paneling paired with the soft lighting contrasts the cool grayed jade color of the rug and chairs.

Right: Gray remains a popular neutral for 2013. Here it blends with touches of blue, green and the yellow tones of the flooring and cabinetry. Watch for it to be paired with emerald green, poppy red and various shades of orange.

Below: When Pantone promotes a color, you can expect to see it everywhere from the runway to sofas. Thanks to last year’s tangerine and this year’s nectarine, you’ll see shades of orange growing everywhere.