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Doors welcome people to your home. They create a first impression and, when properly designed, accentuate the overall beauty of the home. Doors can create privacy or open the home up completely to the outdoors. They can also create the perfect escape hatch to outdoor living areas.

In mountain-style homes, oversized wood doors blend with the rustic appearance. Heavy iron hardware finishes the design. Thad Walton, of Sun Mountain, says they create this style door using reclaimed wood either on its own or in combination with other woods for a truly custom look.

Other custom projects call for a more modern look. “We are seeing many of our clients move into a more modern-looking entry,” says Walton. “Recently, for homes in Aspen, we’ve been doing flush doors made of exotic species with metal inlays.”

Another modern door appearing in Colorado home design is the folding door system. A wall of door panels, which fold onto themselves accordion-style, create the perfect way to expand indoor spaces into the outdoors. These doors often have a flush-mount track, making the transition from inside to out seamless, creating open access to your outdoor spaces.

Think about this…

“Doors are like artwork and almost anything is possible,” says Thad Walton from Sun Mountain. He suggests considering the following when designing a front entryway:

An overhang is important for protecting the front door from UV rays and moisture.

Even the best exterior finish will not make a door waterproof.

Think about how much light you want in your foyer; Transoms are a good choice for additional light.

Do you want decorative glass or glass that changes from clear to opaque with a flip of a switch?

Custom additions are available, such as strap hinges and clavos, to create a rustic look.

These front doors allow the eye to pass all the way through the home. The experience makes this heavy log structure feel light and airy.


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