Expert Profiles

By Amy Spagnola

Making a House a Home

Kristen Terjesen started her career in set design for a television network. After a few years in the TV business, she decided to move back to Colorado and try her hand at residential and commercial design. Terjesen has been in the Denver area for the past eight years doing high-end residential custom homes and remodels. For the past four years, she’s owned Studio 10 Interior Design and her company does about 60 percent residential and 40 percent commercial projects.

Studio 10 specializes in listening to client needs and tailoring design goals around them. They execute a wide variety of styles, including contemporary, rustic, mountain,  modern and classic Old World styles.

Terjesen says Studio 10 specializes in client interaction and the ability to make a house a home. She sees the big picture and makes design dreams come to life. Some of the Studio 10 clients have a hard time visualizing the end result. Terjesen shows them their space before it’s completed using architectural drawings and renderings.

Terjesen’s background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Colorado State University, which is a Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) certified university. She’s worked in the field for 10 years; received the coveted National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) certification; and regularly takes continuing education classes in design and AutoCAD.

Studio 10 employees are also from CIDA certified schools and regularly take continuing education classes. Terjesen is also the chair for the 2013 ASID Crystal Awards. Studio 10 is currently in the process of opening a new showroom at 250 Broadway in Denver.

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Artful Approach

Karen Forey Design Group (KFDG) has been operating in Denver for 30 years; their design philosophy is to think “out-of-the-box.” KFDG has projects on both local and national levels. As a design firm specializing in luxury residential interior design, they focus on how their clients live and function in their homes. They especially enjoy designing living spaces around art collections.

Many of KFDG’s clients are consummate world travelers and love collecting unique and rare art and souvenirs from their travels. This design group strives to incorporate each homeowner’s art finds into their plans in order to provide them with unique and personalized spaces that reflect their own experiences and personalities.

Karen Forey, president of KFDG, specializes in creating a room around a piece of art. “You start with the basics and layer to build a beautiful work of art by bringing in fabrics, materials and textures.”

This design group’s favorite type of work is home remodeling and renovations; they love to study the “bones” of a home and figure out how to keep the architectural integrity but modernize the existing space.

KFDG loves when their clients have a specific style direction. They enjoy the challenge of creating a space with a precise theme in mind, such as incorporating a collection of blue and white antique china into a color scheme that includes exotic Ikat fabrics and dark brown walls.

Forey studied merchandising and design at Florida State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. After graduating, she and her husband moved to Colorado where Forey established her design studio in 1977.

KFDG’s prior projects include a mountain retreat in Vail; a beach house in Malibu, CA; a movie production studio in Eugene, OR; a gulf coast residence in Sarasota, FL; an apartment in the 16th arrondissement (district) of Paris and a residence in St. Tropez.

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Healthy Habits

Andrea Monath Schumacher started her business while she was working towards a Master’s Degree in Architecture in 1999. She didn’t set out to open an interior design firm but had an accidental first client while in school. She planned on completing her Master’s Degree after the project was finished, but instead ended up acquiring another client, and another and eventually a full-fledged business.

Schumacher strives to bring fresh and creative ideas to the design table. As a conduit between the homeowner’s vision and well-executed design, she feels it’s important for the homeowner-designer relationship to be a team effort and thus, she often resists the urge to impose her design sensibilities on clients.

Her favorite projects involve residential design, which she feels is more personal. Schumacher savors the effect good design has on people and families and feels it’s her duty not only to make things “pretty,” but also to design a space that affects wellness, stress and inspiration levels.

Schumacher received an associate degree in Los Angeles before working at “Days of Our Lives” and then Columbia Pictures. She later received a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Colorado State University.

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Perfect Vision

Judy Gubner has been working for almost 21 years in Colorado with her Co-Founder, Colleen Johnson, at In-Site Design Group.

The duo specializes in high-end and luxury level residential interior design in all parts of Colorado and across the United States. Gubner’s favorite type of work to do? Whole-home design. She loves starting with the architectural finish layouts and materials and then moving on to furnishings, art and accessories. Gubner also loves major remodels, wherein the designers completely alter and update an existing structure.

Gubner and Johnson are both interior designers, not decorators, they emphasize. According to them, this means that they’re “educated, experienced and have passed the NCIDQ exam (national qualification exam for interior designers).” They’re both Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists, which allows them to work comfortably and competently with issues of proper accessibility for all people within a home.

In-Site Design Group touts some basic tenets, which guide their design process and how they interact with their clients. These principles include a client-focused strategy, respect for the client’s investment and flawless design execution.

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Robyn Scott could not have asked for a better combination of genes. Scott’s mother was an artist and her father was an entrepreneur. With a knack for business and art in her blood, she went on to open her own interior design firm, Basalt-based Robyn Scott Interiors, in 2001.

“I loved seeing the art my mom collected, and I always wanted to place it into homes,” says Scott. Since her mother collected mostly modern art, Scott grew to love the sleek lines of contemporary design. When she opened her own business she specialized in modern design.

In addition to including modern aspects in her designs, Scott believes “a well-designed interior will enhance her client’s life and lifestyle.” When considering how to enhance her client’s lifestyle, Scott studies the outdoor views, architecture, lighting, furniture and exterior of the home. She wants the interior design of the home to tie all of the elements— exterior and interior—together.

“When everything comes together that is what I call ‘artitexture,’” Scott says. In all of her designs she strives to achieve artitexture and believes that when picking a designer people should consider it too. Also, Scott says to decide what your theme will be and stick with it. Don’t neglect lighting because it dictates the atmosphere in a room. Finally, Scott advises to trust your designer and let the creative process begin.

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