Color Consultation

A Q&A with Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams’ director of color marketing

Jackie Jordan joined Sherwin-Williams in 1985 as a sales associate. Since then, she’s held several positions within the company and is now the director of color marketing. In this role, Jordan is responsible for developing and presenting the latest color trends and resources for do-it-yourself consumers and trade professionals. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Kent State University and presents color and design trends to trade groups including homebuilders, architects and designers.

h+d: What factors contribute to determining the  colors that will be popular for the upcoming season or year?
Jordan: It varies from year to year, but we always look at what is happening in fashion, pop culture, economics, world events, national and international trade shows, theater and cinema, the art world, science and technology–these are driving consumer behaviors, think tanks, social media and more.
h+d: How do the different market segments use color palettes? For example, do you find that interior designers tend to be bold with color?
Jordan: Consumers use color palettes for ideas and inspiration as do designers, but designers will not always take the palettes so literally and will perhaps pull colors from different palettes and use them together, or use an individual color from a palette to make a shift in what they are currently specifying.
h+d: When considering Aloe, The Sherwin-Williams 2013 Color of the Year, how should homeowners and designers use the color?
Jordan: It can certainly be use as an all-over color to create a very relaxing and cool atmosphere. It can be pairedwith black and white for a contemporary or modern vibe; with other pastel shades for a more feminine approach; and is a great color for a gender-neutral nursery. It is a great color to pair with gray, driftwood colors and tarnished metals.

(This room is painted in Aloe, the Sherwin-Williams color of the year.)

h+d: Pertaining to the other 40 colors in four palettes for 2013 (See color palettes below), how should the dark colors be used in design?
Jordan: The dark colors can certainly be used on accent walls, but painting an entire room a dark color creates a very dramatic mood or a romantic atmosphere depending on how you decorate.
h+d: How about the High-Voltage palette? Should those colors be splashed on an entire wall?
Jordan: High-Voltage can and should be used on an entire wall. These are great colors for an open floor plan where you can paint a large wall a bright bold shade. We did include a black, white and gray in  this palette as these colors do need to be  tempered with some neutrals as well.

Sherwin-Williams four color palettes for 2013. Top to bottom: Vintage Moxie, High-Voltage, Honed Vitality and Midnight Mystery