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Because trends change quickly, it can be difficult to decorate your home with the latest styles and end up with a look that is cohesive instead of cluttered. The trick is to start with a base that is timeless, then incorporate trendy elements. Dawn Chau, owner of Paradigm Interior Design in Denver and New York City, weighs in on current trends in interior design and simple ways
to incorporate them into your home.

“That vintage, flea market feel, going back to grandparents’ roots” look is in fashion, according to Chau. One way to get that vintage feel, Chau says, is to use raw materials. Comb through your attic or basement for antique furniture. Dress it up with fun fabrics, and find a new home for it in your living room.

Dressing up old furniture often requires a new coat of paint. According to Chau, gray is the new neutral. “I used to use lots of bold colors, but not anymore,” Chau says. “People want more neutral colors.” Gray is a great way to add dimension to a room while keeping the color soft. Switch out those bright, bold accent pillows with gray ones for a smoother look. If you still crave color, balance out that soft gray with a warm, sunny yellow. “Yellow is starting to pick up and it ties into gray,” Chau says. It is being used as an accent to neutral gray and can bring light into any room. This hot color can be seen in decorative items, lampshades and even fun rugs. Another color finding its way into homes is matte, muted gold. “Gold finishes are starting to come back on the scene,” Chau says. “We will see many more items in gold.” Enrich your home with gold-accented fabric or knobs.

Keep the basic elements of your home neutral and timeless such as the sofas, cabinetry or flooring. Then choose the trend that appeals to your decorative senses and incorporate a few pieces to update your interiors. You’ll end up with a space that is fresh and stylish without being overdone.

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