Details | Bold Patterns

By Kayla Craig

Patterns and textures transform a traditional room into an eye-catching space.

When clients approached Katie Schroder and Erika Rundiks to design a space that combined bold patterns with functionality, the co-owners of Denver-based Atelier Interior Design began by picking a rich color palette.

“It’s always good to have three colors, and to remember a surprise element,” Schroder says. The designing duo enhanced a blue and ivory combo with a pop of rust.

By mingling colors, patterns and textures, the designers combined Old World with contemporary. To avoid clashing, they picked
different scales and sizes. Choices like placing a light, striped pillow on a dark, ornately patterned couch kept the room from becoming too busy.

“It’s really important to mix styles,” Schroder says. “In this room, the rug was contemporary, but the sofa had more of a traditional pattern.” They enhanced windows with heavy velvet drapery layered with sheers, and made sure details such as wood trim, welting and cording weren’t forgotten.

When easing into a stylized space, Rundiks recommends embracing texture. “If you don’t like patterns, get more tactile. If you’re looking at fabrics, go with a stronger hand—maybe nubs or a woven pattern,” she says.

To get the look, Rundiks’ advice is simple: “Don’t be scared, just go with your gut.”

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